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Greg Haymes Review

 Bluegrass Unlimited Review

Albany Times 
Union Review

Reasons That I Run
1. You Don't Know What I Know
2. Reasons That I Run
3. In Some Other's Arms
4. I Ain't Gettin Up
5. Johnny Was an Outlaw
6. Hartford Street
7. Darkside of Lonesome
8. Peanut Butter
9. Railroad Boys
10. Justify My Soul
11. Help Me
12. Raylene
13. Walk of Life

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No Questions Asked
1. This Town Blues
2. Don’t Get On That Train
3. The Battle Of New Orleans
4. Take Me Back
5. Last Goodbye
6. No Questions Asked
7. Gittarr Pick
8. I've Just Seen a Face
9. I Lie Awake
10. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
11. Power Of The Lord
12. The Wind Blows Cold
13. Handle The Truth
14. A Song For Father Young
(Special Bonus Cut)


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So Far So Good
1. Born To Be Lonesome
2. Get Up John
3. Callin’ My Name
4. This Time
5. Jealous Heart
  6. Drive
  7. Mind Over Matter
  8. By The Mark
  9. So Far So Good
  10. Hand Me Down My Walkin’ Cane
  11. Railroad Kill Bill
                   Nippertown Review  


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ReCalling It Quits
1. Texas Girls
2. The Railroad Boys
3. I've Found I'm Lost
4. Get Outta' Town
5. Split Pea Soup
6. The Only One
7. Papa Joe
8. Good To Go
9. The Little Things
10. Randall's Truth
11. Poor Boy Blues
12. Rosie
13. Little Maggie
14. Blue
15. Apple Of Your Eye
16. Why You Been Gone So Long





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